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Introducing New Stator Product Line

Inpraise Systems offers an extensive portfolio of high-frequency stators designed for permanent magnet motors and turbomachinery. 

Developing an effective Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor system requires a careful approach to stator core design. Challenges include optimization of magnetic field strength, heat management, and material selection for performance and cost-effectiveness.

The design and prediction of electric motor performance introduce additional complexities. Our engineers employ advanced methods for electromagnetic and thermal analysis, aiming to align modeled and manufactured machine efficiencies. Precision in stator lamination magnetic properties, particularly the BH curve and power loss, is a significant factor in this process. These properties influence flux linkages, heat dissipation, and the determination of key motor parameters like torque and operating temperature.

Our commitment lies in integrating insights to enhance PMSM technology's performance and efficiency. Additionally, by managing stator production in-house, we maintain strict quality control standards while also optimizing manufacturing processes to reduce costs.

See the complete stator portfolio here: Datasheet