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Rotating machines

Turbines and generators

High-speed electric turbines, coupled with high-frequency generators, produce electricity at extremely high speeds in hermetically sealed applications. Their direct-drive design simplifies systems, reducing complexity and friction losses. These turbines endure a wide temperature range, from cryogenic to supercritical high-temperature conditions, ensuring long lifetime and reliability.

Steam turbines and high-frequency generators

Steam turbines and high-frequency generators

Research and development efforts focus on microturbines ranging from 10-500 kW for superheated steam-based steam cycle systems. These two-stage turbines employ a synchronous drive with permanent magnets, operating at speeds of 15-150 kRPM. They address the growing demand for micro-cogeneration and distributed energy sources, aligning with emission reduction and energy efficiency trends. The microturbines offer distinct advantages, including the absence of seals and an oil-free system, ensuring no lubricant leakage or contamination. Their compact, low-noise, and emission-free design, coupled with efficient performance and ease of maintenance, make them valuable solutions for various applications.

Microturbine 30 kWe

Rotational speed
82 000 rpm
two hydraulic work stages – canned slotless PMSM in a working fluid environment
Rail voltage
400 V
Shaft torque
3.6 N·m
Output power
30 kW
Motor unit efficiency at nominal speed
> 90 %

Gas expanders

Gas expanders

Introducing our gas expander product line, designed for power outputs ranging from 1 kW to 400 kW. These gas expanders prioritize energy recovery from high-pressure gas streams, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. They enhance the management of gases with entrained liquids, allowing for minimal downtime and extended operational lifespans. With scalability from small to large devices, they offer a versatile solution for diverse energy recovery needs.

Gas expander

Max. gas flow
3 000 Nm3/h
Max. rated input power
100 kW
Max. rated speed
77 500 rpm
Wheel diameters
75 – 95 mm
Operating voltage
590 V / 700 V