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the frontier

Welcome to our project showcase demonstrating high-speed rotating machines designed to propel space missions and revolutionize transportation for a cleaner future. We continuously collaborate with partners to contribute our expertise in high-speed rotating systems.

If you are interested in collaborating on a project and would like to speak to us, please contact us.

Development of Ammonia Pump Package for Thermal Loop of Large Satellites

Development of Ammonia Pump Package for Thermal Loop of Large Satellites


The project is focused on the development of a electrically driven pump for cooling circuits of large geostationary satellites using ammonia as a cooling medium. Inpraise Systems is a member of the contractor consortium together with Frentech Aerospace and LK Engineering and Thales Alenia Space. The consortium is led by Frentech Aerospace. Thales Alenia Space acts as a potential customer of the future application and sets the requirements for the equipment and provides technical support for development. Inpraise systems is responsible for system engineering and technical development of the motor drive.

Cooperative project with

Frentech LKE Thales Alenia

Financial support

esa Ministerstvo dopravy

* The project Coolant Pump De-Risking & Demostration is being implemented with financial support from the C3PFP Framework Project of the European Space Agency and the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic


Fostering innovation through strategic partnerships

Explore our network of industry leaders, research institutions, and innovators who join forces to drive the future of machinery. Together, we're shaping the landscape of high-speed rotating machines and revolutionizing the world of engineering.

DynLab is a joint R&D laborator established with the Institute of Solid Mechanics, Mechatronics, and Biomechanics of FME BUT to drive innovation and excellence in our shared field of research.
DynLab's core expertise lies in conducting cutting-edge research, precise measurements, and advanced simulations related to the dynamic behaviors of rotating machinery and specialized bearing systems.

The laboratory's interests are centered around computational analysis and dynamic measurements of rotor systems, calculations involving both damped and undamped rotor oscillations, and variable stiffness analyses within bearing supports.

Additionally, DynLab excels in computational modeling and performance measurements of specialized bearings utilized in applications featuring low-viscosity media and various gases.

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Our company is a proud founding member of a consortium comprising various enterprises and institutions based in the Brno region. Drawing from our collective expertise, garnered through collaborations with esteemed organizations like ESA, ArianeGroup, OHB, Avio, Leonardo, and other leading players in the space industry, we've ventured into the commercial space market. Our mission is to extend our engineering services and offer collaborative opportunities for space projects to a broader spectrum of stakeholders.

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