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Rotating machines

Electric compressors

Electrically driven turbochargers and compressors offer versatile and hermetically sealed operation across a broad temperature spectrum, ranging from cryogenic to high-temperature applications. They demonstrate exceptional performance as standalone systems or when seamlessly integrated into vacuum or high-pressure machines, owing to their ultra-low friction and high reliability. 

Air supply for fuel cell systems

Air supply for fuel cell systems

Compressors for fuel cells are crucial in ensuring the optimal performance of fuel cell systems. These electrically powered turbochargers and compressors play a vital role in delivering compressed air to the fuel cell stack, where oxygen is extracted from the incoming air for the cathode reaction. The quantity and purity of the air supplied are paramount for the efficiency and reliability of fuel cell systems, as contaminants can be detrimental to the performance of fuel cells. Factors like compressor weight, response time, and operational noise levels are carefully considered to ensure seamless integration into fuel cell systems for transportation applications.

Compressor for pure air supply

Max. Pressure Ratio
Max. Mass Flow
125 g/s
Max. Rated Input Power
10 kW
Max. Rated Speed
120 000 rpm
Isentropic Overall Efficiency
> 70 %
110 × 180 × 230 mm
Target Weight (Without Inverter)
< 8 kg
Operating Voltage
400 V

Turbocharger for fuel cell applications

Max. Pressure Ratio2.3
Max. Mass Flow45 g/s
Max. Rated Input Power6 kW
Max. Rated Speed160 000 rpm
Isentropic Overall Efficiency> 70 %
Dimensions110 × 170 × 220 mm
Target Weight (Without Inverter)< 8,5 kg
Operating Voltage400 V

sCO2 fluid management systems

sCO2 fluid management systems

Companders and compressors, tailored for sCO2 technology, excel under demanding conditions, enhancing cycle efficiency. They optimize heat transfer, with high coefficients and impressive thermodynamic performance. Durability, low maintenance, and adaptability make them reliable and cost-effective solutions for power generation and waste heat recovery, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

sCO2 compander

Rotational speed
26 000 rpm
Inverter input voltage
400 V
Maximum Load Capacity
12.26 N·m
Input power
30 kW
Max. efficiency
> 80 %