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Milestones in sCO2 Compander Technology

We're pleased to share a significant advancement – the successful completion of the inaugural test for our sCO2 compander bearing technology. 

Key Technological Features:

  • Maintenance-Free Design: The compander introduces a maintenance-free approach, ensuring a prolonged and virtually limitless operational lifespan.
  • Innovative Lubrication: The machine eliminates the need for traditional oil management, utilizing sCO2 as the working medium for specialized air bearings. These bearings seamlessly blend the benefits of aerostatic and aerodynamic designs.

Supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) technology, with its high thermal efficiencies and compact footprint, holds promise for diverse energy applications, including fossil fuel, nuclear power, concentrated solar power, and waste-heat recovery. The sCO2 Compander plays a vital role in developing versatile systems for thermal energy storage and production. The deployment of a highly compact thermal storage and conversion cycle, facilitated by the sCO2 Compander, holds promise for positive outcomes in future energy applications. However, it is crucial to recognize that addressing technical challenges is essential for the widespread implementation of sCO2 technology in practical energy solutions. Ongoing testing aims to assess economic viability in this context.

Stay tuned for more insights from our testing phase as we continue to share the insights of sCO2 Compander technology and technical details about its subsystems.