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Pumping up the future of space travel!

We are proud to be part of the European Space Agency’s endeavor for pushing the envelope of space exploration, by contributing our technology of high-speed pumps to the RELIANCE engine development, led by NAMMO.

We have now passed a major milestone with our water test campaign, utilizing our cutting-edge electrically driven pump technology to deliver the high flow rates and pressures needed to feed the liquid rocket engine. This propellant feed system is designed to enable deep throttling of the engine as it incorporates a sophisticated motor controller utilizing a 3-phase voltage source inverter, with PWM-modulated sinewave output using field-oriented control.

Why is this important for future missions?

  • Variable-Thrust Capability: As space missions evolve, the need for variable-thrust rocket engines becomes paramount. Our technology enables on-demand thrust changes within hundreds of milliseconds – a crucial element for achieving soft landings on celestial bodies, including lunar descents.
  • Deep Throttling Capability: Achieving a balance between vehicle gravity, decreasing mass, and varying acceleration is essential. Our electric pump system's deep-throttling capability ensures precision and stability across a wide range of operational conditions.
  • Reduced Weight, Enhanced Efficiency: Compared to traditional turbopump systems, our electric pump design reduces specific mass. This competitive edge makes it an ideal choice for various applications, from small launchers to upper-stage rockets.

The future of space exploration is evolving, and we're proud to contribute to advancements that will shape a safer and more efficient way to explore and understand our universe. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue pushing the boundaries of propulsion technology!