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High-Speed Turbomachines to Charge your Competitive Capacity

Maintaining a specialized R&D department can be expensive. Some companies may consider outsourcing engineering for project development, especially if they need to stay flexible and innovate in sectors outside their core product portfolio. Although the development of rotating machines and their subsystems relies on theoretical principles, its effectiveness depends largely on knowledge acquired by practical experience.

Choose Experienced Professionals

These facts and practices led us to establish our R&D services upon profound clarity, trust, and understanding of our clients’ requirements. Our team has managed projects through the entirety of the life cycle, which guarantees that we have the resources and knowledge for full client support encompassing the entire lifecycle.

Exercising our typically systemic approach, we consider both business and technical requirements of our clients. We promise to deliver a high-quality product while meeting the demanded user needs, timeliness, and cost.


► Design conceptualization

► Design development

► CAD modeling

► CFD analysis

► FEM static and dynamic analyses

► Rotordynamic analyses

► Prototyping and testing

► Experimental verification of parameters

► Delivery of bearing series and machine prototypes

► Advanced electromagnetic design

► Electronic design

► Electronic simulations

► Prototyping of electronics

► Testing of electronics

► Engineering measurement services

► Test rig design