Inpraise systems

Cross sectional image of miniature compressor model


Revolving Around Efficiency and Reliability

The requirements for efficiency and safety grow increasingly demanding and critical for rotating machines deployed in space, power, and automotive. The striking developments in these sectors combined with typically harsh operating conditions call for the application of innovative technologies addressing the high standards of performance, cleanliness, durability, and reliability. This creates grounds for more direct translation of machine efficiency and reliability into a profitable and sustainable business through inventive design.

Innovative Insights for Innovative Results

Staying genuinely pragmatic and systemic defines our approach to managing the challenges of complex rotating machine systems. Our purpose is the integration of traditional methods with innovative progressions by employing theoretical, computational, and experimental expertise in a synergic effect. Supported and driven by extensive insight into the thermal, hydraulic, and dynamic aspects, we design high-speed rotating machines outstanding in terms of performance, stability, and economic and ecologic values.


ISS Ammonia Pump Failure Numerical Assessment

The objective of this study is to provide insights into the failure of the ammonia pump on the external active thermal control system of the International Space Station in 2010. The pump rotor was supported with hydrodynamic bearings lubricated by the process fluid and operated in conditions of instability. The study also deals with specifics of the use of tilting pad journal bearings used in zero-gravity conditions.


Instability of Pump Rotors with Low-Viscosity Working Media in Zero Gravity

The paper offers an analysis of the rotor and bearing system for the ammonia pump concept design for space applications. The application of tilting pad journal bearings to ensure the stability of high-speed rotors with bearings working with extremely low-viscosity fluid and in zero-gravity conditions is investigated in the paper.